Expertly fitted by our artisan shirt makers, MILO tailors shirts offer the finest quality and elegant style options with superb ease & convenience. Made-to-measure means the creation of a shirt according to your specific requirements and fit. Available in a variety of different fits for different body types, the fitting process involves selecting your size in the most appropriate fit for you, and making the necessary adjustments to suit your unique proportions making sure that you get a perfect fit every time. Discover these on your first fitting where your tailor will advise on the best fit for your requirements and a style that will suit your garments’ purpose. The style options for MILO tailors made to measure shirts are vast, including a full range of collars, cuffs, pockets, plackets & pleating styles. Finishing details for collars & cuffs include fused, floating canvas or un-fused, and different top stitching styles. The finest quality hand embroidered monogram is available in a variety of colors and positions on the shirt.



Milo Tailors suits are expertly fitted and top of the notch. Feeling of smoothing elegance is bound to follow. Made-to-measure suits are created according to your fit, adapted to your ideas and your build. When in hands of our master tailors, the variety of finest materials we have on display, produced by renowned manufacturers, such as Vitale Barberis, Cerutti & Loro Piana, guarantee sophisticated perfection. The process of fitting starts with choosing the cut and size that suits your body. Our tailor then uses their knowledge and experience to adapt the cut to your proportions and wishes. In the end, you are getting a suit that truly represents you as a man.



Milo Tailors trousers are fitted with elegant high-end cuts, providing you with flawless comfort and gentility. Our use of premium materials produced by the leading manufacturers is a guarantee that Milo Tailors trousers are at the same time exceptionally cosy to wear and strikingly sharp to look at. We tailor the trousers according to your measures, needs and wishes. With a little help from our master tailor’s guiding hand, Milo Tailors made-to-measure trousers are a perfect fit even after just one fitting. Every step made in Milo Tailors trousers tells of a refined gentleman.


Whatever your job, whatever the industry you work in, jacket choice leaves an important first impression on your potential partners and clients. Tailoring is an art of leaving the first impression. Our tailors are here to invest all their artistry into your appearance. Milo Tailors jackets are stern and elegant, making you feel as if the whole world fits just perfectly. Our made-to-measure cuts are urbane, sophisticated and ecstatic, while the vast palette of materials, basic cuts, cuffs, pockets and lapels promises that you will leave our workshop with a jacket that seamlessly fits your body and personality. Milo Tailors jackets will make your sharpness and elegance rule the room.