MILO tailors offer bespoke tailoring of suits, blazers, trousers, topcoats, and tuxedos crafted in English and Italian styles. We use the finest fabrics from renowned manufactures such as Loro Piana, Albini, Monti and Canclini.

Other tailors focus on speed, but our team emphasizes superior quality. Your clothing will be cared for by tailors with over 20 years experience. Rest assured we take no shortcuts and use only the finest materials, equipment and methods. We believe in quality you can see and feel, working from the smallest details to a flawless fit.

Bespoke clothing is the height of manifestation of the fashionable gentleman. The cut and the size are uncompromised, and every stitch is sewn with the extraordinary aim of reflecting the owner’s sense of style and flair.


A new pattern is created for each individual wearer. No modification or use of base patterns, as that could lead the tailor to miss some of the small nuances of the wearer’s body.


Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during creation of the garment. First is the skeleton baste fitting, second the forward fitting, third the fin bar fin fitting, all being done at different stages of tailoring.


We have a selection of fabrics from various high-end mills and producers of the finest fabrics available creating a fabric library for our clients to choose from.


We offer:  number of buttons on jacket, pocket style, vent options, pant pleats, cuffs, interior lining, lapel width, button-stance, gorge height.  We do not limit on options, regardless of complexity.


During our trunk shows or at our studio, we welcome all our customers to meet with our tailors.